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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  November 2, 2014 7:30pm-8:31pm EST

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>> jim: for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes" you're you're watching the nfl on cbs. the broncos and patriots. jim nantz, fill simms, tracy wolfson with the patriots in front 43. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately following this game except on the west coast. the range, picking up about ten. might be enough for the first. got a player down. nate irving. he's a valuable part of this denver defense he's clutching his right knee. >> phil: you said it. very good against the pass and
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the run, energetic, plays all out. no. 56. there he is. >> jim: harris' own teammate ran right in to that right knee. left side of your screen. you know in some ways it's surprising that that doesn't happen even more often. >> phil: most of the time that's how offensive linemen get hurt. somebody falls in the back of the leg from the other >> jim: it's denver line backing core that has gone good part of the way without danny trevathan
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an in sign linebacker. now here is nate irving going to be helped to the sideline. john fox is out there with him. wes welker, he was hit in the lower back in the third quarter and has not returned. see demaryius thomas five catches, but really it's been emmanuel sanders caught ten for 151. to lead the way for anything.
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for new england. revis and patrick chung. chung who was defending on that fourth down throw to tamme in the end zone that went incomplete. second and one. vereen, about a foot short of the first. corey nelson has come in for irving as vereen is stopped by nelson who just came in, and others. again, this week, thursday night football we're going to be in cincinnati. afc north action, tough team to beat at home they will be taking on the cleveland browns. who have all kinds of confidence. browns today victorious over tampa bay to improve to 5-3 and bengals defeated jacksonville
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that is a wild division. brady on third and one. estopped short it appears >> phil: tried to catch them by surprise. that time they were ready. fourth and short, you got to punt it. you would think. >> jim: the punting seem, you see slater off to the left he was already coming on to the field. look down the line here, see they are going to be short and they are going to punt it. they want to come out for a measurement. then they pushed them back to the sideline
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the returner burse, out of fresno state. it's a fake. check it at the last moment. denver may have sensed it. now both units run on to the field. >> phil: you have to wait they shifted plays on the field. you can't quick step it. flags are flying. i don't think it was set. >> referee: false start for 76, offense, five-yard penalty. >> jim: after all that we'll see the punt anyway. >> phil: he'd like to get the first down. but when you substitute players, now they run off. >> jim: what a great moment.
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44 players basically running on and off the field. >> phil: you have to give them chance. umpire stands there and waits. that's the rule. >> jim: burse steps up to the 15 for the fair catch. mike carey back in new york that's not something that the officials see every day. >> no, but every once in awhile see a team trying to gain advantage by doing quick substitution, the competition committee really prevented this by officials stand over the ball give defense chance to match up and then they have to have time to get all the officials in to position also. a lot of things can go wrong on this type of a play. >> phil: you understand why they have to do that otherwise you'd
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stand over there and two receivers run on, some other guys, defense would never be able to react to all those substitutions. >> jim: we saw nate irving being carted to the locker room as pass goes to c.j. anderson for three. another flag is down with six minutes to play. >> phil: the one thing that the patriots wanted to do today, i think they accomplished it. >> referee: personal foul. no. 23, defense. 15-yard penalty. first down. >> phil: hard to say some of these things because peyton manning, 29 of 48 for 393, but they have been physical with the receivers, that's gotten the patriots off the field -- i mean broncos off the field couple of times. the other side, the patriots all about throwing the football did not really try to establish their run game against broncos
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defense. >> jim: that will put manning at 400 yards for the game. against new england defense that had not allowed 300 yard passer the last ten games. second and four. that's thomas in tight coverage between two defenders and demaryius thomas has his 7th catch for 127. that goes for nine. peyton is 14th career 4040 yard gain that's an nfl record.
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came here today not records but came here for the w. this result could very possibly send the broncos back this way for, who knows, whether it be divisional round, would you think the afc championship game in january 18th. if it worked out that way as you see robert craft, jonathan craft, willie mcginnis in that shot secretary of state kerry is here today. again there was this big celebration at halftime. they had 17 of the 22 players, far all three championship teams, most of them back today that's why mcginnis we saw him. manning down the field. incomplete. hightower and revis were right there battling for it with tamme. >> phil: so many patriots around the football that's why it was
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incomplete. they hit each other. >> jim: you think we'll see these two again? these two teams? >> phil: so many things can happen between now and then. patriots are in good position last year, lost a game late. gained home field advantage. they came back to haunt them because they had to go out there for the championship game. >> jim: 4:44 to go third and ten. here they come. to the sideline. two broncos over here, sanders and julius thomas who ends up making the grab for 15. >> phil: thrown so many passes down the sidelines today and had success. look at brandon browner he's looking for it but couldn't make the adjustment as fast as julius thomas did. >> jim: only second pass thrown to julius today. >> phil: that was a good ploy
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putting brandon browner on julius thomas. that's worked pretty well here today. looking for tamme. knocks it out of the hands. if you want to beat this football team you have to play this type of coverage. have to live and die with it. you play zone against really good passing offense of the nfl. you will get picked apart. the patriots peyton manning say play everybody else. 4:30 to go. that play whistled dead. >> referee: false start. no. 10. offense.
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five-yard penalty. still second down. >> jim: begot cleveland and cincinnati on nfl network on thursday but sunday regional action. miami dolphins rolling in to detroit and on a roll. >> phil: good game. >> jim: all gets started at noon eastern time with the nfl today. that's next sunday on cbs. second and 15. brought down immediately by ninkovich only gain of four. third and 11 coming up. josh mcdaniels, offensive coordinator.
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not that it's going to make a big difference but on that second and goal they had, jim, awhile ago, jacob tamme ran a nice route in the end zone, they didn't connect. kind of changed what anything did after that because of that stop. >> jim: fourth and one approaching 3:00. time out called by the patriots.
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>> phil: look at some of the big plays. all these yards they have thrown for, but still, competing against these wide receivers and hitting them hard. big play there, nobody open. patrick chung knocking down these passes because, boy, there's a lot of contested footballs in the air, no doubt. i do believe, i think when i look at the denver broncos they changed their football team to win the super bowl as to how they played in seattle. new england changed their team to beat the denver broncos. >> jim: fourth and one. fake to anderson, down the field. that will pretty much seal it now f. there was any chance at
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all to begin with. >> phil: he looks left. same play we saw earlier, a little fake screen outside. they did it demaryius thomas, just overthrows emmanuel sanders. >> jim: broncos today 0 for 4 on fourth down. and only three out of 11 on third down. again tonight on cbs begins "60 minutes" the government's investigation in to one of the navel seals who shot bin laden. followed by new episodes of "madam secretary" "the good wife" and "csi" only cbs. 57 attempts today for manning. 34 of 57. two and two. breaks free from the line, gray out for 13-yard run.
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>> phil: here we worried about the weather, they had respect for it. only 109 passing attempts. >> jim: how about that. >> phil: we talked about weather, weather because of the wind. it wasn't quite the factor we thought it would be, not as high. i don't care, it's still cold and windy for this time of the year. even here. throw it like both of them did, that many times. pretty close to weather proof i would say. >> jim: gray again for a couple. now denver will call a time for the patriots, after this game they go in to their bye
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week. you talk about going in to the bye on a high. five straight wins after 2-2 start remember all the naysayers after four games. >> phil: sure. >> jim: finally here people saying -- >> phil: the dynasty or whatever you want to call it up here. >> jim: come out of the bye play at indianapolis. look all these winning records coming up. >> phil: listen, you know, we never know what is going to happen in the nfl but that's pretty tough five-game stretch. detroit, tough on defense. miami the speed playing as well as they are. indianapolis of course is always dangerous especially at home. >> jim: gronkowski is near a first. in fact they give it to him on the spot by a yard. in fact you saw the winning records of good teams. these are the quarterbacks they'e going to be facing.
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see the match up on thanksgiving sunday at lambeau field, brady and rogers. that will be fun to watch. gronkowski goes over a hundred yards today. torn acl-mcl last year. for no gain. we have a time out called by the broncos, this was the first game of the three-game road stretch at oakland, at st. louis. home against miami. the next three. >> phil: i never can look at a schedule for nfl team and go, that's really good. you can see the pitfalls that
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every team, if you're not on top of your game anybody in this league can beat you. >> jim: going to be third straight regular season game, third straight year that manning and the broncos have come in to gillette and lost. two-minute warning. you're watching the nfl on cbs as they scuffle on the sideline. this is sean. we saw him holding a bud light, which means he's up for whatever happens... this case, jimmy johnson. i, jimmy johnson, challenge you to a little football game. don't get nervous. are we ready?! yeeaaah! i'm ready. jimmy johnson has dominated the electric football circuit. yeah! look at the little jimmy run! he's hurt! he's pushing through, he's pushing through. oh, wait a minute, wait a minute! bud light. the perfect beer for whatever happens. it starts with six of our best six-inch subs-".
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>> jim: by the way here is new line up for tonight on cbs: there are nine teams in the afc right now with at least five wins. miami, pittsburgh, baltimore. patriots are the kind of team they're talking about. a lot to be decided as jackson makes that tackle. the executive producers of the nfl on cbs are shawn mcmanus
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and harold brian, coordinating producer of today's game, producer is lance barrow, today's game directed by mike arnold. vice president of remote production, steve karasing vice president of studio production, tyler heal. and director is bob madina. associate directors of today's game corey fishman and brian kozowski. technical manager pete colander and the audio supervisor is ed soltis. our thanks to our production manager and our staff provided by ethan and our editorial consultant is tommy spencer. great to have our president on hand here today as well, david, and his family, son and daughter and the cbs team with 1:54 to go
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left to go in this game. slater is back. touchback. >> phil: good fake that punt returner ran to the other side of the field and drew the patriots off the track of the football for a second. >> jim: denver used its timeouts even though this game and outcome seems to be a mere formality. they have kept the starters out there, i see demaryius thomas and emmanuel sanders and no. 18
7:56 pm
as well. >> phil: i would say protect yourself. you get in the situation like this, nothing to gain on the offensive side. talking about experienced teams, that's what you do. >> jim: run it to anderson. i take it gronkowski one of the great characters in the game. in the last five weeks, it has just suddenly gone back to the gronkowski we knew in 2010 and '11. >> phil: listen, you know, not only what he does on the field but you know his personality, his infectious so you can madge in what he's like not locker room when he feels good. on the practice field the energy he brings. of course what we see here on game day. >> jim: the running play picks up a first down. only time i've ever seen gronkowski kind of down in the dumps outside of the times when he was injured, one time in production meeting, he looked at
7:57 pm
him -- he loves to pump iron, get all built up. you mentioned he looked like maybe lost a little weight. >> phil: just crushed him. you keep telling the story because it was you. >> jim: i don't think so. >> phil: i know better. i know guys like this you never say, hey, did you lose weight? because -- what? >> jim: he was in the tank the rest of the meeting. >> phil: honestly it did. it put him -- got down because you said that. did you hear what i said? >> jim: left the production meeting for the weight room to do bench pressing for an hour. >> phil: it's worked. >> jim: the two quarterbacks got all the billing coming in. they threw for 771 yards between them and six touchdowns. brady with four touchdown passes as new england took control of this game in the second quarter. edelman had very big time, caught a touchdown and returned
7:58 pm
a punt for a touchdown in less than two minutes on the clock. taking that second quarter 24-0 to the patriots. they go on to win it 43-21. to win for the fifth straight time. the 14th straight time at home. the 34th straight time at home in the regular season against afc opponent. tonight on cbs "60 minutes" "madam secretary "and the good wife." happy birthday, phil. you've been you're watching the nfl on cbs. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] great rates for great rides.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> ward: there are hundreds of citizens from the united kingdom fighting with isis in syria and
8:03 pm
iraq, maybe, in part, due to this man, anjem choudary. do you believe there will be more attacks in the west? >> yes, i believe it's inevitable. >> ward: if you believe that, would you ever use your role as a british citizen, and as a muslim, to actively dissuade people from launching attacks here in the uk, in the u.s., in the west? >> you know, i'm not in the game of condemnation or condoning. >> ward: it's really just a yes- or-no question. >> well, i don't want to answer you with a yes or no answer. >> that's what i served my country for. >> pelley: he is one of the navy seals who killed bin laden, but now he's under investigation by the u.s. government, and under fire from his fellow seals for writing about the mission. >> how many former secretaries of defense have written books? how many former generals have written books? i'm a nobody, right? i'm a senior enlisted guy that did 13 straight deployments. nothing else, nothing. >> pelley: tonight, the
8:04 pm
remarkable service and story of a member of seal team six, and how he hopes to make peace with the country he always defended. ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: blake shelton is country music's most recognizable star, and that's saying something, because 85 million americans listen to country music every week. what about the criticism that country music, a lot of it sounds the same? >> gosh dang, man, i hear about it all the time, you know? "all y'all sing about is, you know, pretty girls"... >> o'donnell: there's a lot of songs about drinking, too. >> i like pretty girls, and i like drinking, and i like singing about it. so get over it. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lesley stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm norah o'donnell. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes."
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>> pelley: this past week, the u.s. government ordered stepped- up security at some 9,000 government buildings-- this, in response to the attack on canada's parliament by a lone radicalized muslim convert. clarissa ward, on assignment for "60 minutes," reports why authorities in north america and europe are keeping an increasingly close watch on homegrown islamic extremists. >> ward: one of the most shocking things about the recent rise of isis in iraq and syria
8:09 pm
has been the thousands of westerners who have given up everything to travel to a bloody battlefield far from home and live under strict islamic sharia law. but to understand the mentality of these jihadis, you don't need to travel to the middle east. across the west, isis has a committed support base that is actively recruiting young muslims. we sought out a man at the heart of that movement, a british preacher who sees no border between the streets of london and the frontlines of the middle east. talking to him and his followers gives you a window into a world you may find disturbing and difficult to understand. there are at least 500 u.k. citizens fighting in syria and iraq. every week, according to british police, another five recruits join the fight. british jihadis have been on the front lines with isis from the very beginning. in the group's recent videos
8:10 pm
showing the executions of western hostages, the masked man holding the knife speaks with a london accent. >> we'll only drag you and your people into another bloody and unwinnable war. >> ward: the spike in western fighters may be, in part, due to this man, anjem choudary, a british-born lawyer turned islamic preacher who lives in london and has for years been asserting his democratic right to call for an end to democracy. >> anjem choudary: down, down democracy. i believe that islam is superior and will not be surpassed. so i believe that the law of god is much superior to manmade law. >> ward: so, in that sense, you believe that islam and democracy are mutually exclusive, that they can't exist side-by-side >> choudary: allah is the only one to legislate. so, obviously, in that sense, it's completely diametrically opposed. you cannot have man legislating and playing god in parliament, and at the same time believe
8:11 pm
that allah is the only legislator. >> ward: you have the freedom to come here today. you have the freedom to speak on television, to worship whichever god you please. but you're advocating a system that essentially would take away all of those freedoms. >> choudary: allah created my tongue to speak. i don't have freedom to come here, because allah created my feet to walk. so i walk, and i speak, and i look, and i hear, according to what god says. >> ward: choudary has been accused of inspiring hundreds of muslims from across the west to join isis. we went to a meeting he held in an east london basement. on the wall was a large picture of buckingham palace turned into a mosque. he described the newly formed islamic state in iraq and syria as a kind of utopia. talking about jihad, he sounded at times like a coach giving a pep talk before the big game. >> choudary: when the heavens are with you, when the earth is with you, when the sea is with you, when the wind is with you, who's going to defeat you after that?!
8:12 pm
nobody. >> ward: choudary has fronted a series of organizations that have been banned by the british government under the country's anti-terror laws, but he denies that he actively recruits fighters. >> choudary: you know, the... the messenger mohammed, he said, "fight them with your wealth, with your body, with your tongue." so, i'm engaged here, if you like, in a verbal jihad. >> ward: but what you're actually doing, essentially, is inspiring young men to go and fight in these countries, while you stay here and enjoy a comfortable life in the united kingdom. >> choudary: no, i mean, this is... this is a kind of a... the rhetoric that the western media come out with. but, i mean, there are no examples of anyone, in fact, who is in any of the battlefronts, who actually say, "well, actually, mr. choudary asked me to come here," or "he bought my ticket," you know! if... if it were the case... >> ward: they wouldn't say that you bought their ticket... >> choudary: well, no, if it were the case... >> ward: ...but they might say that you inspired them with your message. >> choudary: there... there was a report out recently which said that i... i inspired 500 people, in fact, to carry out operations here and abroad. and if that were really the case, don't you think that i'd be arrested and i'll be sitting
8:13 pm
in prison? >> ward: so, if a young man, one of your students, comes to you and says, "should i go and fight in syria or iraq," what would you tell them? >> choudary: well, they haven't come to me. and if they come to me, i'll think about a suitable response, but i... i'm engaged... >> ward: what would you tell them? >> ward: it's a hypothetical question. >> choudary: i don't deal with hypotheticals. >> choudary: because it's a... >> ward: it really should be an easy question. >> choudary: i... i like... i like to deal with reality. if that happens, you can have another interview with me and i'll deal with it. >> ward: but one week after our interview, choudary was arrested "on suspicion of being a member of a proscribed or banned organization, and encouraging terrorism." also rounded up in the raids was one of his young followers, abu rumaysah. >> abu rumaysah: we want islam. we want islam to dominate the world. >> ward: talking to rumaysah, you come face to face with a version of islam that wipes out every other aspect of a person's identity. he is a convert from hinduism, but his new beliefs bar even the most basic human feelings towards his mother and other family members who didn't
8:14 pm
convert. >> rumaysah: i don't love them, as non-muslims, but i desire for them to become muslim and embrace islam. >> ward: but you love her as your mother. >> rumaysah: she's my mother and she has rights over me, so i have to take care of her, i have to look after her. i have to make sure that, you know, she's protected and secure, so i... i fulfill my obligations like that. >> ward: but do you feel love for her? >> rumaysah: it's not allowed for me to love non-muslims, so that's something that is a matter of faith. >> ward: so, do you feel that you are british? >> rumaysah: i identify myself as a muslim. if i... if i was born in a stable, you know, i'm not going to be a horse. if i'm was born in nazi germany, i'm not going to be a nazi. i mean, this is just an island i was born in. >> ward: rumaysah and choudary both live in east london, which is home to one of the largest muslim populations in the u.k. in one part of town, rumaysah and his associates have set up so-called sharia patrols, to go out and discourage behavior that they deem un-islamic.
8:15 pm
on this night, they stopped to talk to a couple of non-muslim men who were in a park drinking beer, which is forbidden under islam. >> so, we're just reminding, anyway, reminding the community about staying safe, and in... >> okay. >> ...this area, there's a lot of gambling that goes on. >> okay. >> a lot of alcohol drinking, and it leads to a lot of problems. so we advise you and we advise anyone we see to stay away from these things. >> ward: but the patrols are not always so friendly. online clips give a very different picture. a woman in a short skirt is abused. >> we don't respect people who disobey god. >> but this is great britain. >> it's not so great britain. >> ward: a man the patrol thinks is gay is insulted. >> get out of here. you're dirty, mate. you're gay. >> ward: walking through london with rumaysah, you experience an alternate reality where there is
8:16 pm
no compromise and all conversations are one-sided. >> rumaysah: ultimately, i want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe. i want to the see the hand of the thief cut. i want to see adulterers stoned to death. i want to see sharia law in europe. and i want to see it in america, as well. i believe our patrols are a means to an end. >> ward: the only thing i would say is that, in america and in the united kingdom, we have a system, democracy... >> rumaysah: a backwards one. >> ward: but it's a system... >> rumaysah: a barbaric one. >> ward: ...that allows the people to choose what they want and allows people freedom. >> rumaysah: so why can't i choose sharia? when in rome, overthrow caesar and commit to sharia... >> ward: act... in your home, you can do whatever you want. >> rumaysah: but what about in the public? why can't i tell you to cover up? am i free to say that? >> ward: because it would be outrageous. of course, you're not... >> rumaysah: so where's my freedom? where's my freedom? >> ward: you can say it to me, but you... >> rumaysah: okay, so cover up. wear the hijab. >> ward: that's absurd! the thought of choudary's supporters taking the law into their own hands is deeply frightening to most british
8:17 pm
people. this is a group that believes the west is at war with islam, and that the invasions of iraq and afghanistan justify any kind of violence in response. the most shocking example of that logic was the gruesome and very public murder of british soldier lee rigby on a london street last year. >> we have killed this man today because muslims are dying daily by british soldiers. >> ward: on that day, the man wielding the knife was a known associate of choudary. choudary has refused to condemn rigby's murder, nor will he criticize isis for the beheading of american journalist james foley and other western hostages. >> choudary: you know, i don't know the details about james foley, but... >> ward: i know the details. let me educate you, because he was a friend of mine. >> choudary: i don't believe you. i'm sorry, i don't believe you. >> ward: you don't believe me that james foley was a journalist? >> choudary: i don't believe... no, no, i don't believe any western journalists, quite frankly. i believe you're liars until proven otherwise. but let me tell you something--
8:18 pm
the perspective of the muslims of journalists, whether that be james foley and others, is that they are the propaganda for the western regimes. >> ward: have you formed an opinion for yourself? >> choudary: i form my opinion on the basis of what the muslims say, not on the basis of what you say. >> ward: i'm sensing a double standard here, because, essentially, you're very quick to condemn acts of violence by the west, but you refuse to condemn any act of violence by your fellow muslims. >> choudary: no, i believe that the... there's a difference between the oppressor and oppressed. >> ward: britain's authorities have struggled with how to handle extremists like choudary and his followers. he has been arrested multiple times, but never convicted of anything more than staging an illegal demonstration. and now, the police face a new challenge that is nearly impossible to manage-- the spread of islamic extremism through slickly produced online propaganda films from real fighters in real battlefields. >> we will chop off the heads of the americans, chop off the heads of the french, chop off the heads of whoever you may bring. >> ward: those videos have proven wildly attractive to
8:19 pm
thousands of young people who feel alienated from the western societies they live in. for them, jihad offers the promise of power and glory. sir peter fahy is in charge of a government program called "prevent," set up to combat the radicalization of british muslims. >> peter fahy: i think the big concern about the current situation is just a huge amount of material which is available on social media, in the various publications, and the various videos that i think a lot of us are... are struggling to come to terms with and get a good picture of. >> ward: so, in a sense, it's less about preachers radicalizing young men, and it's more young fighters radicalizing other young fighters from the battlefield using social media as their recruitment platform. >> fahy: i think you're absolutely right. that is my concern is that what has changed, again, over recent months is that you have got local people identifiable as real people. you've got, you know, a person who's identifiably british who's gone out there, and is
8:20 pm
absolutely using social media to be able to communicate directly into your son or daughter's bedroom and to encourage them to come out. and i think that is extremely worrying as a new development. as i say, i think a lot of families and a lot of parents, including obviously muslim parents, are very concerned about that. >> ward: "bedroom jihad," they're calling it. >> fahy: absolutely. it's almost that personal contact which is the worrying aspect. but, you know, we... we need to be aware of all different forms of brainwashing and radicalization. >> ward: if their parents can't stop it, what can you do to stop it? >> fahy: well, all we can do is raise awareness, but you're absolutely right. and we constantly agonize about whether this is a job for the police or not. >> ward: britain's mainstream muslim leaders are speaking out against isis and have discouraged young men in their communities from joining the fight. but the ongoing u.s.-led military campaign in syria and iraq has stoked anger and raised
8:21 pm
fears of terrorist retaliation attacks in the west. do you believe that there will be more attacks in the west? >> choudary: yes. i believe it's inevitable. >> ward: if you believe that, would you ever use your role as a british citizen, and as a muslim, to actively dissuade people from launching attacks here in the u.k., in the u.s., in the west? >> choudary: well, i think we need to deal with the root causes. i think it's... it's really absurd to say, "well, why shouldn't people react?" the fact is if we don't deal with the root cause, which is the occupation of the muslim land, which is the torture of muslims, which is the foreign policy of governments like britain and america, that you will never be able to stop people. >> ward: so, just so i understand, you will continue to refuse to condemn acts of terror? >> choudary: well, as i say, you know, i'm not in the game of condemnation or condoning. >> ward: it's really just a yes- or-no question. >> choudary: well, i don't want to answer you with a yes or no answer. >> ward: but choudary, who is out on bail, will have to give answers when he reports to
8:22 pm
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>> pelley: when we introduced you to the former navy seal called mark owen two years ago, he told us his riveting firsthand account of how seal team six killed osama bin laden. it was the tale that he wrote about in his best-selling book, "no easy day." he told us that he wrote the book to set the record straight, and planned to donate most of the profits to charities benefiting families of fallen navy seals. he kept his real name secret, expecting to disappear back into the shadows. but that's not how it worked out. this is the story of how one of the men who shot osama bin laden came under fire from his fellow seals and his own government, and what he'd like to say now to make amends. you know, i wonder how you compare the stress of the last two years to the kind of work you did as a seal. >> mark owen: i would go back
8:27 pm
overseas today and deal with fighting isis face to face rather than deal with the last two years again. >> pelley: the last two years were something that mark owen never trained for. he's been investigated by the government, excommunicated by the seal leadership, and inundated with legal bills, all for writing the first eyewitness account of the bin laden raid, and for being the first seal to talk about it publicly-- in our interview in 2012. >> owen: and then, all of a sudden, we banked hard 90 degrees, and it was very apparent something was wrong. >> pelley: what do you say to people who believe fervently that you do secret operations for the government, and they stay secret until you die? you don't say anything about them. >> owen: how many former secretaries of defense have written books? how many former generals have written books? how many former so-coms, special operations commanders, have
8:28 pm
written books? i'm a nobody, right? i'm a senior enlisted guy that did 13 straight deployments-- nothing else, nothing. i've sacrificed everything in my life to continue raising my hand, volunteering right next to my brothers to continue to go back overseas and do what we could to help, so it's tough. >> pelley: so, if it's fair for the generals, it should be fair for the enlisted men, too? >> owen: absolutely. >> pelley: those 13 deployments he mentioned include many to afghanistan and iraq, plus the bin laden raid and the famous mission that freed captain richard phillips, held hostage by somali pirates in 2009. in both of our interviews, we disguised his appearance and his voice for his safety. in 2012, he walked us through the assault on bin laden's house. owen told us he was in line right behind the seal who shot bin laden first. >> owen: myself and the next assaulter in, we both engaged
8:29 pm
him several more times, and then rolled off and then continued clearing the room. >> pelley: when you say you "engaged him," what do you mean? >> owen: fired. >> pelley: you shot him. >> owen: yeah. >> pelley: the seals were faceless heroes. that's owen with the president and vice president. here he is with the elder george bush, who's holding a copy of owen's book, and with the younger president bush. but even amid the celebrating, over at the pentagon, there was growing anger because owen had skipped a step that is considered mandatory. he didn't clear the book with government censors. defense secretary leon panetta fired back on "cbs this morning." two days after your first interview ran on "60 minutes," the secretary of defense came on cbs news and said that your book tells our enemies essentially how we operate and what we do to go after them, and when you do that, you tip them off. >> leon panetta: how the hell can we run sensitive operations here that go after enemies if
8:30 pm
people are allowed to do that? >> pelley: did you do that? >> owen: did i disclose anything that would've put the guys in harm's way? that's... that's absolutely not what i intended to do. these are my brothers that i served beside for years. and a lot of them continue to serve. these are guys i... i had, you know, lived and died next to. these are not guys that i would want to sacrifice their security for any reason. >> pelley: one of the things you said in that book was, "if you're looking for secrets, you won't find them here." >> owen: i tried my best, yes, sir. >> pelley: but now, his lawyer tells us owen is the target of a criminal investigation under the espionage act, looking into whether he gave away valuable secrets. no charges have been filed, but eight weeks ago, he was questioned for ten hours about the book and our interview. mark owen is a member of the team that killed osama bin laden, and now he faces criminal investigation. how does that happen? >> bob luskin: well, it happens because s